Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Have you been reading Design*Sponge?

Design*Sponge and Veer are currently running a design your own alphabet contest that I bet a few of you might be interested in entering or following.

While on the topic of Design*Sponge, check out their recent article: biz ladies: how to brand your business on a budget and be sure to read the comments that follow. The article points out some harsh realities of being a designer.

After reading that, you'll see that there are a lot of issues when you get into being a professional designer who does spec work and contests (the one above to be included). Have you ever read the AIGA's position on spec work?

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love&preciousness said...

The "affordable" website that this person bought (biz ladies: how to brand your business on a budget) has code errors all over the page. The owner also mentions websites like 99designs that AIGA encourages professional designers to avoid.
Sometimes going the cheap route can cause more expense in the end by having to pay for code fixes or logo redesigns and make your brand look less than polished. I think it's worth the investment to get it right from the beginning.