Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolution

OK, that is not my resolution. It's James Acklin's resolution (from the resolve project).

So now I should explain my resolution. It all starts back in 2010:
I got married and bought a house all the same year. Not to mention growing my freelance business, planning a wedding, teaching a class, fixing up the house, being the maid-of-honor in my mom's wedding and a million other things. A great year. But, I am exhausted.

My 2011 new year's resolution: Less work, More Fun.

For my personal life that means making time to have people over for dinner, going to more movies, not spending every weekend working on the house, and a whole lot more lounging around with my husband.

And as far as work is concerned: prioritizing + getting rid of the things at the bottom of the list, overcoming the fear of turning away a client, and giving the extra time back to the things I really want to do. I will be a better boss to myself.


zara said...

Funny, I did many similar things last year and my new year's resolution is the same. More time with people, less time with work!

hope you had a happy new year!

Michelle @ Periwinkle said...

thanks for your posts, I like the owls! a lot!

Oatmeal and Cinnamon said...

Good to hear someone that can relate to my 2010! I felt a little ungrateful while writing it. I am certainly grateful for work, the fact that I work from home, and that I've had so many awesome things happen. I just need to take a nap and lounge from time to time.