Monday, July 21, 2008

UrbanOutfitters brand

I'm really trying my best-est to post each work day to my blog. And so I have to do a little more work on finding resources for inspiration… I have had a email subscription to UrbanOutfitters for quite sometime now. Although, I do buy things from Urban from time to time (most likely bedspreads to cut up into other things)… I mostly subscribe to the emails for visual inspiration. I like how they remain modern and throw-back at the same time. I like that they take risks. I like that they play with type. They certainly don't feel tied to any past "brand equity" fonts and images – although the character of the store stays true over time. They also manage to use web fonts like courier and times in an interesting way instead of looking cheap and thoughtless. Here's a few images I've collected over time that are inspiring:

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